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Composer Accelerator Challenge (2022)

The Unphased Project took part in the challenge proposed by Evenant in april 2022. 

We had three days to score this powerful sequence. This trained us into having a rigorous and efficient workflow as a team. Many thanks to Arn Andersson for the mentoring and good advices ! 

Now ! Rencontres (2021)

The members of Unphased Project collaborated with young swiss artist Now ! for the release of her first EP.

Now ! came with her ideas, texts and song structures. We made the proposition for arrangements and mixing. Rencontres is a very diverse EP, and allowed us to engage with styles of music we were not used to.

From rock, Synth Wave, pop to latin music, it was a very instructive journey for us ! Thanks a lot to Now ! for her trust in our craft !


Unphased Project decided to take part in this challenging competition, bringing together Spitfire Audio and one of the latest HBO series : Westworld.

What was asked of us was to put our craft into a tense scene from Season 3.

We’ve chosen to work with both recorded instruments and a good deal of VST’s. We’re trying to work on something which sticks to the flow of the action. 

On this attempt we decided to have a good balance between the original sound design and our own score.

Congrats to David Kudell for winning this competition ! It was great to take part in this project.